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Wk 8 -Artist Conversation #3-Sienna Brown

For Wednesdays class, we got to sit down with artist Sienna Brown as she talks about the artwork she has made. Sienna is currently a fourth year student and California State University of Long Beach majoring in Drawing and Painting hoping to obtain her BFA. Other than being an art major, Sienna is also a beach lifeguard, middle school youth leader at Rock Harbor Church and an Instructional Student Assistant for the art department at Long Beach State. Most of her artwork focuses on the obstacles in her past in order to face and re-experiencing past pain.

One artwork that caught my attention was the painting of female breasts. This painting utilizes very vivid and dark colors coming from bright yellows and pinks to deep plums. The shapes in the painting are very round and soft since it is picturing female breasts. The multiple images of female breasts pops out at you not in a subtle way at all.

Sienna’s past troubles with eating disorders is definitely captured in the essence of this painting. Growing up as a women in our society, we are constantly exposed to the unrealistic beauty standards in our world. The ideals of body image can be so drastic to the point till where young women around the world are developing eating disorders. This painting captures the beautiful and the ugly world of being a women.

Getting to listen to Sienna Brown was definitely an eye opening experiences. Seeing how she connects her past struggles with her art was very inspiring. Being a women as well, I can definitely resonate to the messages of her art work. It is amazing to see how tragedy can also become art.


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