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Wk 10- Artist Conversation #4

For this weeks artist conversation, I got to watch an interview conducted with artist Mahsa Soroudi. She is an Iranian born artist. In 2011, she left Iran with her husband and she now lives in Newport Beach. Her father owned his very own painting academy and was a painter himself. Due to this, Mahsa has always felt connected to art because of her creative upbringing. She wanted to get a better education and wanted more opportunities so she decided to move out and learn English.

Nature’s Cadence portrays the beauty of the succulent plants. The shapes are small and three dimensional. The colors are usually earth tones, mostly green because of the succulents. The texture of of the succulents is smooth.

The succulents represent the fact that even though she left home and is now in a foreign country she needs to stay strong and beautiful no matter how hard she is struggling. The plants are adapting and growing while her roots are still stuck at home. She is able to flourish in her new environment just like the succulents.

Watching the interview and seeing the exhibitions was very inspirational and inviting. I see myself relating to homesickness because I also miss my hometown sometimes. Having to adapt to a new environment is apart of life and the next time I am struggling I will think about a succulent plant. I wish to have seen this exhibition in real life.


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