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Week 13- Sustainable Art- Activity Blog Post

My idea I wanted to portray was renewal. The materials I used were leaf cuttings water and a glass bottle. Water propagation is a gardening technique where you take the stem or leaf of any plant you want to clone and place it in water and wait until roots start forming and you have aContinue reading “Week 13- Sustainable Art- Activity Blog Post”

Week 7- Virtual Art Gallery-Activity Blog Post

Theme Essay: Friendship From when COVID-19 first started to become a worldwide pandemic, the game animal crossing came out when the world needed it most. Animal Crossing is a online virtual reality where it depicts capitalism in a good way. You spend the most of the game being in debt to Tom Nook but youContinue reading “Week 7- Virtual Art Gallery-Activity Blog Post”

Week 10- Automatic Drawing- Activity Blog Post

This is the outcome of the automatic drawing activity. It was fun to draw without having a picture for refrence and just basing it off my mind itself. For the CSULB maps it was kinda hard since my memory of where the buildings are at Is very vague. I had fun doing the partner automaticContinue reading “Week 10- Automatic Drawing- Activity Blog Post”

Wk8- Writing a Pop Song – Activity Blog Post

Lyrics: Under the electric sky, I was in awe that you are still mine From bridges to blocks I love you in your ankle socks Love don’t have to be so hard So, tell me how’d we get this far Love don’t have to be so hard So, tell me. how’d we get this farContinue reading “Wk8- Writing a Pop Song – Activity Blog Post”

Wk 8 -Artist Conversation #3-Sienna Brown

For Wednesdays class, we got to sit down with artist Sienna Brown as she talks about the artwork she has made. Sienna is currently a fourth year student and California State University of Long Beach majoring in Drawing and Painting hoping to obtain her BFA. Other than being an art major, Sienna is also aContinue reading “Wk 8 -Artist Conversation #3-Sienna Brown”