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Week 7- Virtual Art Gallery-Activity Blog Post

Theme Essay: Friendship

From when COVID-19 first started to become a worldwide pandemic, the game animal crossing came out when the world needed it most. Animal Crossing is a online virtual reality where it depicts capitalism in a good way. You spend the most of the game being in debt to Tom Nook but you are able to actually work hard for what you get without all the social inequalities associated with American capitalism. The theme I wanted to capture within the artists I went to was friendship. The friendships you make during your life gives you a sense of empathy, loyalty, affection, and love and I think that is very important to me. During the time you spend on Animal Crossing, you are able to build connections with your villagers and are able to visit you real life friends islands to see what they have done. We are at a disconnect with friendship when we are not able to see them regularly, but Animal Crossing gives you the ability to maintain ur relationships while also getting a sense of quality time with your friends virtually.

Artist #1: Maleina

Vibin w my friend Mae

For my first artist, I decided to visit my good high school friend Maleina’s island. Back when this quarantine did not exist, we use to spend time in her room watching movies, taking naps and doing whatever. Her room in her animal crossing island is almost identical to her room in real life and the photo above really captures the essence of our friendship. Us taking a nap together in her room really takes me back to the good ol days when we were allowed to see each other.

Artist #2: Nouchka

Along with Maleina, we decided to go on a friend date to our friend Nouchka’s island. Before the pandemic, our favorite pastime was going out to eat! On nouchka’s island she has a little outside cafe area which we chose to hang out in and it really resembles how we were when we were able to go out to eat. It was like we were really there since we were also on the phone too. After that, Nouchka showed us her Butterfly garden in her museum and it depicts of how we were all once free like butterflies.

Artist #3: Jaylan

Before the quarantine, our friend group use to go on random adventures all the time enjoying the thrills and relaxation of life. Our friend Jaylan invited a bunch of our friends to his island to help recreate that. We went stargazing, had some beach time, and played a scavenger hunt just like old times! This honestly really represents our friendship and how we maintain in through this game.


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