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Week 13- Sustainable Art- Activity Blog Post

My idea I wanted to portray was renewal. The materials I used were leaf cuttings water and a glass bottle. Water propagation is a gardening technique where you take the stem or leaf of any plant you want to clone and place it in water and wait until roots start forming and you have a lil copy of the original plant. This ties in my idea of renewal since I am starting a new life of a new plant. The materials I used were things I could find laying around the house so it really ties in with my renewal theme since all my materials are all renewable. A kiss should last as long as the sparks, a great meal should last until its finished, a work of art lasts forever, a marriage should last as long as it needs too, and a human life should last until it dies. I believe time does come in to play the way we experience things. One thing we can do to make the planet last longer is by adhering to a vegan diet.


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